The roofing side of our business can probably be described as the root of our organisation and is a key component of our company name as the roof of any structure must be fitted in a professional manner to meet the criteria of being sealed against all weathers as well as being made to last. 


  • Improved Thermal Efficiency of the building
  • Prevention of damage caused by water ingress
  • Improved Fire Safety Standards
  • Increased property value (maybe beyond the installation Costs)
  • Provides a facelift to a dated building
  • Helps secure the longevity of the whole structure


The roofing tiles you choose should be designed to complement the style and traditions of the local area whilst giving a bright new look to the building as a whole. It is important to choose your roofing contractor wisely because a defective roof will cause untold problems in the future and may not be immediately evident. We have submitted ourselves to the scrutiny of the "Which" organisation who have been assessing products and services since the 50s. Their long standing reputation is built open the thoroughness and impartiality of their operation and they check very carefully that any claims that are made are substantiated. Only a small proportion of the companies they assess meet their strict standards giving you the confidence that their "Trusted Trader" status that they award will give you peace of mind that you have chosen a reputable company.

So let us provide a no obligation, no charge quotation for your roofing project so that we can demonstrate that not only are we one of the top operators but will also provide a cutting edge price for your work.